Coverage of the PRSA WordPress Luncheon

Feb. 25, 2013

By John Roche

WordPress is a low-cost, easily used website package well suited for PR pros and their clients, but they must realize that ever-changing content is needed to attract viewers. That message was given to 30 members of the Westchester/Fairfield chapter of PRSA Feb. 13 by Web specialist Marc Jaffe of The Taming Café.

A site that doesn’t change is just a “digital billboard,” Jaffe warned. He noted that cost and availability of numerous plug-ins, options and features have resulted in there being 72 million WordPress websites as of last year.

Of particular interest to PR people today, he said, is that WordPress sites convert automatically to computers, tablets or smartphones.

“You want someone accessing your website to see it in a form compatible with the different venues,” he said.

He also noted that WordPress is “social media friendly,” driving web users to websites. “Your site connects with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever other social media you choose,” he added. Websites can be updated using a smartphone or computer and without the help of technicians, he noted.

Some Costs Involved

Jaffe, based in South Salem, NY., noted that some costs are involved and that some users will find it advantageous to spend more than a minimal amount.

He first determines from clients whether they want to spend a month on their websites. A domain name must be purchased that could cost from a few dollars to $30 or $40.

A web hosting service is also needed that could cost as little as $35 a year. Step-by-step instructions are outlined on the website and additional instructions are available at

Jaffe’s website has dozens of websites that he helped to create. WordPress has hundreds of themes and thousands of plug-ins, many of them free, he said.

Peter Giles, chapter president, said PR people must keep up with changing technology for their own and clients’ benefit. “

He said the chapter is making a renewed push to offer relevant, practical programs that meet the needs of members.

Jaffe spoke at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich.

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