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The Magic Tree & how I built my fan base

I had a fan page for my studio for years but I never did anything with it. It sat around 90 fans and it was time to put a fire under it.

I had been working on my other fan page loveisapillow and it is currently up to 2850  fans. I am not going to say this did not cost me any money because as we know it does require work and thought.

It was not until I started running this sponsored post of “The Magic Tree” that it started to click.

I have been running a none stop Facebook Campaign since November 2014. It is currently coasting at $1 day. I was spending more at the beginning but now that it has settled in for the long haul, it is doing well to bring attention to my Facebook fan page marcjaffestudios. As of this writing the post has yielded 3062  3248 likes, 381 404 shares and 80 comments.

The page has 1850 1944 fans as of today.


As far as the per like cost, that is $.03 per post engagement

This image has generated interesting comments on the pages it has been shared on and I continue to ask the people who like the image to become a fan of the page.

Contact me to for help on getting  your fan base built. 

Marc 914-602-3600

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